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After the success of 'Dawn of the Federation', hosted by the USS Fortitude, one of the event's primary organisers decided that it has too much potential to let this be a 'One Time Only' event.

The Future has begun,

The Revolution has started...

Wil Ross has a vision... One where all Star Trek based groups across the World come together to celebrate what it means to be a fan of the show we all love, and try to live our lives by.

USS Equulus believes that with the new Star Trek movies bringing in an army of new fans to Star Trek, the old way of hosting conventions will no longer work.  DotF proved that it's possible to unite all the different Trek groups out there, and bring them together.

Wil Ross and his team (USS Equulus) share a vision - of transforming the way Conventions and One-Day events are organised.  In particular, how Fan-Funded events are done.

The Fortitude helped capture the imagination of the Star Trek fan community with 'Dawn of the Federation'.  A simple idea by a former officer Lee Negus, it was transformed into something 

truly special.


Groups wishing to book tables can do so by sending an email to

Groups can sell raffle tickets to raise money for your individual Charities but must not be for profit.
There will be no charge for Groups to have tables but all members of your Group will have to pay the £5 entry fee.

I am again going to open the doors for some private sellers to book tables to sell items, please try to make sure the items are at

 least 70% Star Trek based as this is a Trek event.

Tables for private sellers will be £60 per table.

Any group or private seller wishing to book tables can do so now by sending an email to

You must include the name of your Group and a contact telephone number.

All money raised at this event after costs are covered will be donated to Help 4 Heroes.

Ticket price is £4.50 up to Jan 31st 2014 

To purchase head over to the Booking Page by clicking Here